It was a “Natural” Decision…

As I was driving Interstate 40 near Maumelle, Arkansas I knew something about this adventure was going to be different. I saw above the road, a huge rainbow coming down from the clouds. I thought to myself that the next 24 hours, no matter what happens, would be important to my life. It was true, because I’m starting a new adventure as the Curriculum Assessment Technology Specialist at Pulaski Technical College.

As many of you know, I’ve been through a very difficult time over the past 18 months. My job at the University of Missouri began to change and that put a lot of pressure on me. Then add the university’s public perception after it’s recent racial issues and the financial aftermath of that. Finally in March 2016, I lost my mother who had been a major part of my life. This turmoil required a change, which culminated in a meeting at Pulaski Technical College.

Here’s a bit about Pulaski Tech. It’s the largest community college in the state of Arkansas, serving central Arkansas. This includes the state capital, Little Rock. It’s main campus in North Little Rock, includes major programs in Allied Health, Sciences, Culinary Arts, Business, and Information Technology to just name a few. In 2017, the college is scheduled to become a part of the University of Arkansas System. It also is a Blackboard Learn school, so I won’t be losing those skills. 😉

The Pulaski Tech staff and administration have started my new adventure on the right foot. I will work with faculty to design content, learning activities, learning materials, and assessments that support learning and program outcomes. It means I’m a faculty trainer, mentor, instructional designer, course/program reviewer, and many other items. This is a big step away from my admin roots, but “I love a challenge.” and that is what this will be. I even get to teach courses at the college as an adjunct faculty.

Look for this blog to continue to deal with technology and technical issues. But a new blog will be also be coming to discuss the topics I will face at Pulaski Tech. I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope you will find what I share here helpful to your organization.

Technically yours,


The Blackboard Guru


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It was a “Natural” Decision…