Preparing for Blackboard World 2012

Well it’s official.  I will be going to Blackboard World 2012!  It’s not my first rodeo when it comes to this conference, but it will be my first time to enjoy the Developers Conference (aka DevCon) which is a Blackboard Administrator’s dream come true.  I was looking over the presentations and I started to wonder about what I could do with MU’s instance.

The first presentation I became excited about discusses the integration of Blackboard and Zabbix.  Our Linux Admin team went crazy when I shared this one with them.  We already use Zabbix to monitor our Apache threads and processor loads.  The team asked me to do everything I can to bring back how they can leverage our use of Zabbix.  Something I plan on doing.

There are also a few presentations on data mining in your Blackboard instance.  My research friends within ET@MO hope I can gain some insight about how we can get information on student performance, usage, etc. from data mining our Blackboard database.

I also look forward to the presentations on tuning Blackboard Learn instances to improve performance.  I want to make out Blackboard instance the best application that students at MU use.  It’s a hard mission to achieve, but I plan to keep working on it.

I hope to find time to go through the Blackboard World conference sessions in a few weeks.  I do know that one presentation will be great, because I will be helping to present it!

I’ll follow up with more info, thanks for the read…

The Blackboard Guru

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